BIGSHARKMEDIA offers a complete spectrum of footage ad methodologies boosting user activity and optimizing brand reputation.
Video ads are the most quickly evolving global format and a centerpiece of proficient brand-strengthening tactics. Video advertisements cater to the advertising community the analytical understanding of web platforms with the advantages of conventional routes.
BIGSHARKMEDIA’s enhancement methodology determines and transmits relevant footage materials to open populace, guaranteeing the supreme performance. Moreover, video gives a visible increase to immediate reaction endeavors via heightened brand recognition, preferability and buying intentions.

GlobalWide Media offers a full suite of Video Ad placements including:
1: Instream Video Ads

Advertising materials incorporated into the clip prior to, within or after the main content.

  • Pre, mid and post roll ads
  • Take over the entire video player space
  • 15 — 30 second spots
  • Includes interactive video

2: Companion Ads

Graphic advertisements that are attached to the content player.

3: In-Banner Video Ads

BIGSHARKMEDIA’s in-banner video toolbox includes the methods of displaying clips in conventional advertising units and provides a cost-effective channel of boosting brand recognition.

4: In-Text Video Ads

Whenever a consumer reads over emphasized content, a prompt is shown with the video related to the text.

5: In-Game Video Ads

Advertising clips are shown to the user while the game initializes or between the play rounds.

BIGSHARKMEDIA cooperates with global level exchange platforms and implements almost a billion of unique user records to guarantee proficient distribution of video investments. We closely collaborate with reliable and recognized partners to render superior analysis and understanding, as well as visitor checking, real-time stats and brand promotion.

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