Owing to profound data technologies and pertinent experience in the area, BIGSHARKMEDIA guarantees prime quality performance throughout varied industries.
BIGSHARKMEDIA is a data-oriented team of web marketing professionals rendering luxury methodologies and instruments to the global level companies and brands.
We cater to a broad spectrum of specialized fields and render completely systematic solutions to transcend you’re your set outcome marks.

BIGSHARKMEDIA boosts impressive performance for global factories, localized dealers and small trading outfits.

Consumer Packaged Goods

We deliver personalized approaches to satisfy a broad scope of CPG sectors such as drinks and food, sanitary and household goods, etc.


We implement leading psychological analytics and time-sensitive methods to design promotions that proficiently target consumers prior to their dining moves.


Processing more than 100,000 daily web commerce deals and generating billion-dollar yearly sales of electronics, furniture, apparel and other goods.


Gain profits from our leading populace categorization and demographics to attract interested consumers to educational, tutorial or teaching services or products.


Deliver satisfaction via engaging, impactful innovative approaches throughout our international meshwork of media affiliates.


By implementing the advantages of our exclusive private information inventory, we aid you in coupling financial instruments with relevant prospective consumers.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

BIGSHARKMEDIA’s experience with branding and result-oriented approaches is a perfect choice for promoting pharmacy goods of any standing.


Due to our experience in the field, BIGSHARKMEDIA always stays updated with regards to the changing legal medium peculiar to the insurance area, which is a guarantee that interested populace will get engaging and timely insurance proposals.

Politics & Advocacy

Draw political capital via an immediate reaction promotion or affect unresolved populace in crucial areas with a professionally designed campaign.


BIGSHARKMEDIA possesses rich exclusive databases and an impressive background of transactions, which means the individual approach to your case, serving engaging ads to prospective consumers.


Build retention and retargeting solutions that ensure the remembrance of your brand name, and develop your influence by changing brand recognition.


We design varied advertising tactics incorporating multiple aspects derived from the users’ traveling habits, past geo data and commercial predilections.

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