BIGSHARKMEDIA designs vital promotional approaches for accurately categorized populaces, implementing cyclical metrics to guide you to the insights about the way your marketing ventures affect the on- and offline purchases.
Advertising Consumer Packaged Goods in US

Our highly enthusiastic team delivers personalized approaches to satisfy a broad scope of CPG sectors such as drinks and food, sanitary and household goods, etc. Our customers from the CPG world are ranked among the most dynamically evolving ones with regard to advertising capital and revenues. Independent studies have demonstrated that a CPG advertising entity on average draws half a million dollars of purchases yearly through mobile platforms alone. BIGSHARKMEDIA has the means to provide superior performance and reliability to all CPG vendors, with any specific goals, crucial parameters or chosen routes.

What We Do

We recognize that, although our CPG clientele has collected mountains of information using their own as well as external resources, the transformation of that info into helpful, applicable form is not an easy task. But the advertisers may rest assured that BIGSHARKMEDIA’s data is the propulsion boosting the logics of our automated systems. Our methodologies, coupled with our crew of skillful analysts and information professionals, will do more than simply imprinting the data; they will make it bring you cash. For various objectives including the development of brand strength through affecting open strata of populace with engaging mix of content and instruments and implementing geographic aiming for driving customers to buy from your shop, BIGSHARKMEDIA possesses the background and mastery to bring you the ultimate realization.

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